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  • S03E01 Play It Again, Sam

    • July 27, 2003
    • BBC One

    The Story picks up from where we last left it. The company is flourishing, but Sam is having nightmares about his old friend and business partner Dexter, who was last seen jumping off Blackfriars Bridge. His love life is still non-existent too.

  • S03E02 Thank God It Wasn't Boat Race Day

    • August 3, 2003
    • BBC One

    Sam, who is suffering from anxiety, insomnia and nightmares, gets a phone call from his lawyer while Rajiv has probelms at home.

  • S03E03 Freedom's Just Another Word For Nothing Left To Lose

    • August 10, 2003
    • BBC One

    Sam Mountjoy has unwittingly gained a new 'lodger' and he needs help. Unfortunately, the kind of 'help' he is looking for comes in at a cool £25,000 and it's up to Sam to find it. Meanwhile, Reen's already difficult marriage takes a turn for the worse with some very unexpected consequences for everyone involved.