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API and Data Licensing

Thousands of projects, companies, and individuals make use of the data that is available in our API, from large-scale commercial projects/companies to individual end users who contribute data to the site to power their media centers and applications. Our API is available for both commercial projects and to individual developers.

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Legal Usage

TheTVDB relies on contributed information from tens of thousands of users, many using free and open source software that uses our API. In order to ensure the ongoing quality of our data, we offer significant discounts for these projects.

When determining your tier, please consider the revenue of your parent company. It is your responsibility to ensure that you select the correct tier, and make annual adjustments as necessary.

Company Revenue Licensing Fee
Less than $50k per year free
requires attribution
$50k to $250k per year $1,000 / year
$250k to $1M per year $10,000 / year
$1M+ or custom terms Contact Us

Our GitHub repo is your launchpad to the API documentation, official libraries, and release notes. Issues related to the API itself should be reported on the repo, and issues related to any libraries should be reported directly on those. If you need support with the site itself, or the data contained within, please use our end user support portal.

Unless approved by TheTVDB, attribution with a direct link to TheTVDB.com must be displayed to end users viewing metadata from our API. Command line products or development libraries may display attribution on your about or readme pages.

Sample Attribution

Metadata provided by TheTVDB. Please consider adding missing information or subscribing.

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